Our Story

At Raco Duo, our passion for pearls runs deep! Our journey began when we noticed the pearl market lacked the variety it deserved. Pearls aren't just round and white, they come in a multitude of colours and shapes! With that realization, we set out to showcase the diversity of this precious gem and revolutionize traditional pearl designs. We wanted to break free from the ordinary and give pearls the makeover they deserved.

But it's not just about the pearls, it's about you. We believe that pearls have the ability to elevate your personal style and reflect your distinct personality. That's why our collection offers a diverse range of styles, from chic and ethereal to edgy and minimalistic. We draw inspiration from the variety of shapes and colors found in pearls, encouraging you to celebrate your one-of-a-kind beauty.

When you wear a piece from Raco Duo, we hope it becomes a daily reminder to embody your higher self, to shine with confidence, and to embrace your own uniqueness. Join us on this journey and let our pearls be a reflection of YOU!

Rawan & Chloe


    Without having any middleman and overhead cost (say goodbye to 300% markup), we are able to offer fair pricing to all pearl lovers!


    We source genuine freshwater pearls from small-scale farms that practice responsible farming methods to minimize ecological footprint and support the farmers' local communities.


    While most pearls on the market are white and round, our collections offer round, oval, drop, button and baroque (irregular) shaped pearl jewelry.

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